We found three former synagogues in the town, all of them apparently in good condition.  The largest was in use as the house of culture for the rayon, a second seemed to house a movie theater and a shoe store, and the smallest appeared to be abandoned.

The cemetery in Vyzhnytsia contained a large number of tombstones, some of them quite nicely decorated.  The area was enclosed by the foundations of a fence, but there was nothing more in the way of physical security.  As soon as we stopped, a young boy appeared to open a large ohel for us, so someone was keeping a close eye on the location.  There was evidence of work in the cemetery, primarily the clearing and burning of brush.  Unfortunately, there was much work yet to be done.

I must add a disclaimer to the cemetery photos to state that while I believe them to be from the cemetery in Vyzhnytsia, the location was also identified to me as Chornohuzy.