I had two descriptions for separate cemeteries in Varkovychi, one small and one large. When we followed local directions to the cemetery, we found it in a clump of trees up a small hill behind a residential area. The lady who lived adjacent to the cemetery took us to it and on the way pointed out the grave of Dr. Bat, a prominent local physician who was shot by the Germans. She noted that Dr. Bat had treated her mother. According to my description, the cemetery containing the grave of Dr. Bat was supposed to have between 100 and 500 stones and a pre-burial house. The cemetery that we saw had substantially fewer than 100 stones and no pre-burial house. From the look of it and the location, I am not persuaded that it ever did have a pre-burial house. The stones that we saw were a mixture of “boots” and long, rectangular headstones with the vertical, upright stones prevailing. Some of the stones had decoration, but most of the visible stones were weathered and illegible. The cemetery was open and unsecured; however, the lady who lived adjacent to the cemetery obviously had an interest in it and paid attention to it.