In 2016, I visited the Bohemian part of the Czech Republic, and subsequently I thought it only fair to balance the scales with a trip to Slovakia in 2017.  I set up camp in the town of Kežmarok on the edge of the Tatra Mountains and worked east of there to the Ukrainian border.  We visited approximately thirty-five sites in the eastern one-third of Slovakia. 

From information available on the Internet, I had little reason to expect unusual tombstone artwork and that turned out to be the case.  I found only one design that I had not encountered in other parts of eastern Europe.  For the most part the stones were very scantily decorated and the decorations that were present were very simple.

Most of the cemeteries that we visited were soundly secured with fences, locking gates, and a diligent caretaker.  A number of them showed signs of actual maintenance and in a few instances work to restore and to preserve the stones was clearly under way.  New wrinkles in cemetery security included security cameras and wild pigs roaming the graveyard.