In 2013, we sandwiched a visit to Radauti in between two stops in Siret. The caretaker was in the hospital, and we caught his wife as she was leaving to visit him. Despite her own problems, she graciously took the time to unlock the gate for us. We found that the cemetery covered a large area with stones that were richer in images than I had expected. It appeared that the cemetery had separate sections for men, women, and children. In fact, I found a couple of miniature stones for children. All in all the time in Radauti was a very peaceful and refreshing interlude in a hectic schedule.

In 2016, I returned to Radauti because of the beauty of some of the stones there.  A late afternoon visit found many of the more interesting stones bathed in dappled sunlight, and then when I returned the next morning in hopes of better light, I was confronted with a light rain.  The cemetery was adequately secured and appeared to benefit from good care.