In Piatra Neamt we received some good assistance in locating the cemetery at Orhei 1 from a couple of Orthodox priests. Eventually we learned that the cemetery was adjacent to a hospital complex. Our instructions were to go to the oxygen tank behind the hospital and look up. We did that and found the cemetery.

The cemetery was situated on a hill that was modest in height but quite steep. The area was heavily overgrown with small trees and underbrush. The ground was slick from mold and slime and the effects of a light overnight rain. People had tossed a fair amount of trash over the fence around the edge of the cemetery. We managed to enter through a hole in the fence although there is supposed to be a locked gate that no doubt affords easier access. Due to the condition of the grounds I managed a fairly spectacular fall and roll in the slime at one point. Needless to say, the stones were difficult to photograph.

We had arranged with the head of the Jewish community in Piatra Neamt to meet the keeper of the key for the second cemetery at 73 Petru Movia Street. At the appointed hour we went to the newer cemetery where we were promptly captured by the key holder who insisted on showing us the Holocaust memorial before allowing us to go to work. The cemetery was large but not particularly well-maintained. Some areas–the older parts–were heavily overgrown with limited access to the stones. There was a separate area set aside for “Jewish heroes” most of whom appeared to have fallen in World War I.