In Józefów Lubelski we found a former synagogue renovated and in use as a publishing house. Unfortunately the renovation appeared to have robbed the building of any resemblance to a synagogue.

We queried a few local residents about the site of the executions in the nearby forest. They directed us to a roadside monument that also provided directions to a mass grave in the forest behind the monument. The directions were rather slap-dash with directions tied to tree trunks. There was a Jewish presence evident in the form of miniature Israeli flags at the roadside monument arranged in the shape of a star of David. There was also a small sign in Hebrew near the monument. At the site of the mass grave a star of David had been fashioned from tree branches and hung over the grave. The grave was a short distance from the road in a quiet, peaceful forest. On a beautiful autumn day it was hard to imagine the horrors that took place here. I said a prayer, laid blue stones at the monument, and we moved on to the Józefów Lubelski cemetery.

The cemetery is extensive, with many interesting and well-preserved tombstones. It runs up a small hill and appears to be without any significant upkeep or maintenance. It is crisscrossed by paths used by local people.