When we travel to eastern Europe we take with us a quantity of small blue glass beads such as might be used by a florist or a decorator. I refer to them as blue stones. When we visit cemeteries, we place a few of these stones on tombstones as a sign that someone has visited. Of course we could simply pick up a rock from the cemetery for this purpose, but I prefer the blue stones because they make it quite clear that someone has made a particular effort to place his feet upon the ground in what is sometimes a very desolate cemetery in a remote location. I am certain that relatively few of these stones are ever seen by anyone since they quickly fall prey to the elements and since we tend to place them in isolated spots, even within a particular cemetery. I am, however, equally certain the occasionally the stones are found by passersby. I often wonder what the finder thinks when he spies that little blue bead shining atop a weathered tombstone.