As the viewer can tell, this is not a cemetery or a tombstone; rather, it is a view of the town of Iacobeni.  As we approached the town down a long, narrow valley, I realized that I had been here previously in 2013.  It is true that occasionally I will return to a particularly intriguing and interesting location, but Iacobeni is no such place, at least not from a cemetery perspective.  In 2013, my guide and I had climbed a large, steep hill and wandered all over it looking for the Jewish cemetery alleged to be located on the hillside.  We found a cemetery, a German cemetery.  I was both exhausted and disgusted by our failure and I vowed never to climb that hill again.  Then, in 2016, apparently either I changed my mind and wanted another shot at finding the cemetery, or I just got stupid and forgot the previous effort we made in September of 2013.  This time after a brief false start during which we did indeed  ascend that formidable hill that I had vowed never to climb again, we located the gentleman listed in the IAJGS data as the caretaker.  When we asked, he indicated that there were Jewish stones on the hated hill near the German cemetery.  Apparently my guide demurred politely regarding the location or existence of those Jewish stones since we had previously searched the hill thoroughly twice without success, whereupon the caretaker remarked that we were the experts and should be able to tell Jewish names from German names.  After some discussion with my guide, we agreed to move on: I simply was not prepared to make a second assault on that hill in one day with scant prospect of success.  If, by happy chance, a viewer has actually found the Jewish cemetery in Iacobeni, I would like to know that.