The cemetery at 23 Stejar Street was situated on a substantial hill. It was fenced but with an open gate. We were told that there was no caretaker. Some of the cemetery was overgrown with weeds, but other parts had either been grazed or cut. There was a small haystack in the middle of the cemetery that covered several of the stones. Most of the stones were badly weathered. Several had good designs but they were too weathered to photograph. There were numerous “boot” stones complete with the foot part and with names or writing on the boot part. There were probably several hundred stones present.

The second cemetery in Harlau on Eternitatea Street was securely fenced and had an on-site caretaker, but the gate was open and no one around when we inquired by knocking on windows and doors. We made a quick circuit of the cemetery found no interesting stones, and left. We did find there some triangular wooden frames or covers that seemed to fit over the leg part of the boot tombstones. I have never seen such covers before.