In Chortkiv we first found a large synagogue that had been used at one time as a youth club.  It did not seem to be in use at present.  It was a very impressive building that appeared to be secured and in good repair.

Next, we located a generally unremarkable Hasidic cemetery on a hillside.

After some searching we located the largest of the three Chortkiv cemeteries, but the vegetation was too thick to make it worthwhile to scale the wall and attempt to penetrate the jungle in order to make a useable photograph.

The third cemetery in Chortkiv is the “hospital cemetery” located adjacent to a hospital complex. It consists of one above-ground crypt.

We finished in Chortkiv by tracking down the seventeenth century synagogue.  It was enclosed within a fenced, secured courtyard that we could not enter.  It appeared to be abandoned but in good condition.