Little Blue Stones

When we travel to eastern Europe we take with us a quantity of small blue glass beads such as might be used by a florist or a decorator. I refer to them as blue stones. When we visit cemeteries, we place a few of these stones on tombstones as a sign that someone has visited. […]

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“They Must Be Living Somewhere”

If you would like to know more about my adventures in eastern Europe, you might wish to read my book, They Must Be Living Somewhere which is available from Publishing or Amazon. The book focuses on the question of our obligations to our fellow man in a narrative framework that combines amusing anecdotes about […]

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Romania 2016

In May, 2016, I spent ten days in Romania. This was my third trip to Romania.  Previously I had worked mostly in Bukowina, but this time, with the exception of follow-up visits to Siret and Radauti, I worked in Transylvania.  Based on what I had seen over the border in Ukraine in 2011, I did […]

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