When I read in the IAJGS data base that in Bezid “the cemetery is located in Bezid under the water [sic] near the village,” I knew that I had to try to find the elusive, sunken cemetery.  Locating the cemetery was a bit of a challenge.  It is actually located more precisely in Bezid de Nou or between Sângeorgiu de Pădur  (St. George of the Forest) and Bezid.  The data indicated that the cemetery was frequently under the water of a lake.  When we passed through Sângeorgiu de Pădur, we left the tarmac and began moving along a gravel road.  We stopped and spoke with construction workers who assured us that the cemetery stones were visible farther on.  They directed us to a Roma man who knew the precise location.  Soon thereafter we found Istvan, a young Roma man who resided near the cemetery.  He led us to it. I do not know if we found the older or the younger of the two cemeteries that are supposed to exist in this location.  What we found were about 35 stones, several of them of relatively recent origins.  We did not conduct an exhaustive search because we were at the edge of the lake and the ground was wet and somewhat treacherous on which to walk and the vegetation was rather thick although not tall.  We tried to talk with Istvan, but he spoke mostly Magyar or Romani, neither of which languages my guide had any knowledge.   Despite the language barrier, Istvan was a courteous and accommodating host.  It would have been impossible to have found the cemetery without his knowledge.