In the town of Barlad there are three Jewish cemeteries which I arbitrarily designated I, II, and III. Barlad I was situated within the town itself. As I understood the situation, in return for “cleaning” the cemetery a resident was allowed to keep his chickens there. He had erected a fence to divide the cemetery into two parts. In the smaller part he kept chickens all the time and occasionally he allowed them into the larger section in order to “eat the grass”. The man told us that “his” cemetery was the best kept of the three cemeteries in Barlad. It is true that the vegetation was well under control in the cemetery, but there was naturally also an abundance of chicken manure that covered the ground and the stones. The stones in the area where the chickens stayed permanently were mostly “boots” and fragments of boots, probably illegible and beyond saving, but still it was an ugly sight.